Return to Ravnica!

Its finally here! (Well, its been here for like a month, but shh, I’m slow ūüėõ ) Anyway, time for me to gibber some of my thoughts about it at you.


Ash Zealot, because screw you Snapcaster ūüėõ

Axebane Guardian. I like this guy. Especially in Extended (does anyone play that anymore?) with Overgrown Battlement. Totally gunna throw some of these in my ramp deck.

Azor’s¬†Elocutors. I have no idea what some of these words mean, but if you go 5 turns without taking damage you win. Now, how many fogs can I play in a deck…

Call of the Conclave. Its Watchwolf, but in token form! Also a centaur, which makes me sad, I like wolves.

Chromatic Lantern. Tres useful in decks with 3 or more colours. You could run it in 2-coloured decks, but I think the keyblades are cooler there.

Collective Blessing. One word. OUCH!

Corpsejack Menace. The other half of Doubling Season, pretty much (we had Parallel Lives in INN). Definitely building a deck around this guy.

Cyclonic Rift. Watch as all your tokens disappear. ARGH!

Detention Sphere. Part Oblivion Ring, part Maelstrom Pulse, completely bothersome.

Doorkeeper is actually just Mike Wazoski from Monster’s Inc, holding a spear for some reason.

Epic Experiment. Epic, but probably impractical. Have fun!

Goblin Electromancer. This guy is awesome. I play 4 in my Izzet deck, along with…

Guttersnipe! 2 damage is each opponent whenever I play a spell is really good. Topdeck Thunderous Wrath, you take 7?

Inspiration. Hey, that looks an awful lot like Doc from Back to the Future.

Izzet Charm. Probably my favourite of the charm cycle. Shock, Spell Pierce and Faithless Looting, all in one handy card!

Jace, Architect of Thought. Ugh, another Jace. This one’s just as annoying as the rest. Go away.

Loxodon Smiter! 4/4 for 3, can’t be countered, can’t be discarded. Seems good.

Mizzium Mortars. BOOM! Overload is awesome!

Rootborn Defenses. Not only is it a real card, its a good one too!

Tavern Swindler. If anyone figures out how to abuse this, let me know. Yay coin flips!

Utvara Hellkite. Dragons! Dragons everwhere!

Vraska the Unseen. I never realised you could have a planeswalker with deathtouch. If you don’t feel like doing that, you can always destroy something. Or make some assassins that DEATHTOUCH PLAYERS! (seriously, that is so much fun!)



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